How to choose EV Charger for Volkswagen ID3

The 2023 Volkswagen ID3 is equipped with a 52.8kWh ternary lithium battery with an official range of 450 kilometers. With its smart appearance, solid quality and high cost performance, the sales of Volkswagen ID3 have been steadily increasing. It is a bit regrettable that the Volkswagen ID3 does not come with a charging pile when you buy a car. You need to pay an additional 3,000 RMB to purchase the charging pile and installation service. Many third-party charging piles can be purchased for one or two thousand RMB, so many car owners consider buying third-party charging piles. When choosing a third-party charging pile, safety and stability must be put first.


1. Safety and stability

There are many factors that affect the safety and stability of the charging pile: shell material, temperature control protection, full automatic stop, the material and workmanship of the charging pile gun head, the selection of power supply cables during installation, and the selection of air switches.

Here we mainly talk about the materials and workmanship of the charging gun head.

Copper wire

The gun head pins of the charging pile are all made of copper. The same copper pins are also divided into brass and copper (pure copper) materials, and the gun head pins made of copper have better conductivity and less heat. In order to prevent the copper pins from being oxidized, the surface will be electroplated with nickel and silver. Generally, the thickness of the silver plating layer is controlled at about 3um (micrometers). Some high-quality manufacturers require the silver plating thickness of the gun tip pin to reach more than 5um, and some manufacturers only have a silver plating thickness of about 1.5um in order to reduce costs.

If the silver plating layer is thin, the silver layer may be worn away after a few months of use, and the copper material will be exposed and oxidized, which will increase the contact resistance of the pin. The gun head and the vehicle socket will heat up during charging, and may eventually burn out the gun head and the vehicle socket. Our gun head pins are made of copper and have a silver plating layer of more than 5um, which can well ensure the conductivity and durability of the charging gun head and meet the standard requirement of 10,000 plug-in and unplug life.

2. Timed charging is very practical

In addition to solid materials, charging piles also need to have practical functions. Among them, timed charging is a very useful function. In many areas, household charging piles have peak and valley electricity prices. For example, Guangzhou’s peak electricity price is 1.03 yuan/kWh and the valley electricity price is 0.33 yuan/kWh. If the charging pile is set to start charging at 24:00 every night, the electricity cost is 2/3 cheaper than charging during the day.

Our charging piles can be set up for scheduled charging through the mini program. For example, if you set it to start charging at 00:00, after plugging in the charging gun at 18:00 in the evening, charging will automatically start at 0:00.

3. Optimize battery life

All Volkswagen ID3 series are equipped with ternary lithium batteries. The cycle life of ternary lithium batteries is closely related to the charging limit. During daily short-distance travel, it is recommended to appropriately reduce the charging limit, which can significantly extend the service life of the power battery.

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