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Solar DC To DC Converter for Telecom

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Product Description


DC series technology solution

DC series technology solution

DC parallel technology solution

DC parallel technology solution

S4875G1 is a high-efficiency DC/DC conversion module with maximum power tracking performance, providing -48Vdc output. It can track the highest power point of photovoltaic modules based on the output characteristics of photovoltaic modules to maximize the utilization of solar energy. In addition, S4875G1 has passed TUV and CE certification

Product Features

⚫ High efficiency: >98.2%, significant energy saving effect
⚫ Modular design: compatible with 75A rectifier module.
⚫ Wide operating temperature range: -25℃ ~ +75℃ (can start after heating for 20 minutes @ -40℃, light load 20%)
⚫ Hot swappable
⚫ CAN communication
⚫ Nighttime standby power consumption ≤1.2W
⚫ Voltage and current adjustable
⚫ Built-in fan: fan speed depends on internal temperature

Product typeS4875G1
Weight≤2 kg
Refrigeration methodforced air cooling (built-in fan)
Input voltage58 ~ 150 Vdc
Maximum input current≤ 58 A
peak efficiency> 97% (load 30% ~ 80%)
> 98.2% max
MPPT tracking accuracy≥ 99.8% (>100W, static)
The output voltage43.2 ~ 58 Vdc, rated voltage: 53.5 Vdc/57 Vdc
Maximum output power4013 W
Output voltage regulation accuracy≤ 0.6%
Operating temperature-25 ℃ ~ +75 ℃ (no derating below 55 ℃)
S4875G1 is heated for 20 minutes and can be powered on at light load (20%) @-40℃
Input overvoltage protectionProtection threshold: 155Vdc
Output overvoltage protectionProtection threshold: 58.5Vdc
Output short circuit protectionThe module is in good condition after a long-term short circuit, and the module output returns to normal after the short circuit is restored.
Over temperature protectionWhen overheating, the module stops working. When the temperature near the module air outlet is less than 70°C, the module starts.
Mean time between failures≥500,000 hours @25℃
Lightning protectionCommon mode (input to ground)/differential mode (input to input): 5KA (8/20uS)/3KA (8/20uS)