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Tesla Charging Precautions

Don’t wait until your Tesla battery drops to 15% before charging! ! Will affect battery life! It is recommended to charge as you go. (Use a little, charge a little! Make a habit of charging it when you get home from get off work every day, so that the battery can stay healthy.)

1. Remember to warm up before fast charging in winter! Preheating method: Before charging, open the map and navigate to a nearby Tesla overcharging address, and the system will automatically start battery preheating. (Currently this is the only way to turn on preheating, which is a bit useless) Slow charging does not require turning on preheating.

2. Many people have a misconception that Tesla can only use official charging piles, but this is not true. Tesla can use other brands of charging piles. As long as third-party charging piles comply with the new national standards, it will be fine. (For example, Hop EV Charger)

3. Overcharging will not damage the battery. To be precise, overcharging has a very small impact on the battery and can basically be ignored. So if you can apply for three-phase electricity, apply for three-phase electricity! it does not matter!

4. Is Tesla charging to full or 90%? Tesla’s batteries are divided into two types

The rear wheel drive of M3 and My is lithium iron phosphate battery

3p, long battery life, YP, MX, MS ternary lithium battery.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is resistant to high temperatures but not low temperatures, and can be fully charged. Official recommendations are to refill once or twice a week.

Ternary lithium batteries are resistant to low temperatures and should not be over-discharged. If the battery is lower than 20%, it must be charged. Daily battery charging is limited to 80%~90%. Can be charged up to 100% during long journeys

tesla charging

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