Tesla New Car Setup Guide

Tesla New Car Setup Guide

1 Adjust driving mode
Novice: Comfort → Comfort → Slow travel

Veteran drivers: Standard → Comfort → Maintain

2 AP assisted driving
Set speed: current vehicle speed

Automatic blind spot camera: Turn on (turn the turn signal to see the left and right blind spot images on the central control screen to increase driving safety)

Speed limit alert: off

Forward collision warning: early

Lane Departure Avoidance: Off

Emergency lane departure: On

Automatic emergency braking: On

Obstacle sensing speed limit: On

3 car locks
Unlock when parking (girls driving alone are recommended to turn it off)

Child locks (if there are children in the car, select “Both Sides”)

4 automatic high beam
Vehicle → Headlights → Automatic high beam off

After turning off, the high beam can be switched on and off through the gear lever, which is more convenient

5 sentry mode
Vehicle→Control→Open “Sentinel” (a bright red dot indicates recording is in progress)

Sentry mode consumes more power, but it is recommended to turn it on when the vehicle is parked in an unsafe and unmonitored area to prevent the vehicle from being maliciously damaged and no one can be found.

6 driving recorder
Vehicle → Security → Driving recorder (check automatic and whistle)

“Automatic”: The vehicle detects an accident and automatically saves about ten minutes of footage.

“Horn”: A clip of about ten minutes can be saved by sounding the horn

7 Scroll wheel customization function
Vehicle→Search→Scroll wheel function→Camera

Long press the left scroll wheel, and the car screen will display real-time images of 3 blind spots, which is safe and convenient

Tesla New Car Setup Guide

8 rearview mirror
Vehicle → Rearview Mirror → Rearview Mirror Automatic Dimming Off

Prevent the rearview mirror from being unclear in dark conditions such as underground garages or at night.

10 OTA upgrade
Vehicle → Software → Software Update Preferences → Advanced

Receive upgrade push notifications faster

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